International Cooperation & Joint Venture

As a listed stated-owned enterprise, Aerosun has always been hammering at its strategic development through the endogenous growth and denotative expansion. With regarding to the denotative expansion, Aerosun will strengthen its capital operation, either enter into and exploring the new industry through M&A, or cooperate with the leading enterprises overseas to expand and permeate the Chinese market.

Until now, Aerosun has already established 12 majority shareholding companies in China jointing with the partners from America, Japan, Korea and Denmark respectively and owns a wholly owned subsidiary in Hong Kong as the platform of overseas investment.

Investment Area:

Current core business
Special purpose vehicles, Flexible hoses, Chemical machinery and Art statue engineering.

New industry:
Intelligent technology, Advanced manufacturing, Environment protection and Energy conservation.

Investment Mode:

Overseas investment Focusing on the investment opportunities in Europe and the area of “the Belt and the Road” including but not limited M&A, setting up a Joint Venture overseas, etc.

Incorporate the Joint Venture in China Focusing on the cooperation opportunities with the leading enterprises overseas for entering into Chinese market


Joint Venture Signing Ceremony for Nanjing Aerosun-Tola Expansion Joint Co., Ltd

Joint Venture Signing Ceremony for Nanjing Aerosun-Morita Environmental Protection S&T Co., Ltd

Aerosun Merger and Acquisition Nanjing Tianjie Chemical Machinery

Joint Venture Celebrate Ceremony for Jiangsu Chenxin Expansion Joint Co., Ltd

Signing Ceremony for Aerosun Merger and Acquisition Shenyang Elastic Component Factory

Joint Venture Signing Ceremony for Nanjing Aerosun-LBH Co., LTD