Art Engineering Products

Nanjing Aerosun Art Engineering Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aerosun Corporation, is a leading enterprise for sculpture manufacturing and large art engineering in China. Its history can trace back to the copper factory of Jinling Machine Mill created by Li Hongzhang in 1881. It is one of most long-standing modern industry casting factories in China. The well-known Buddhist parietal bone relic was unearthed in its plant area.

The company casted Xiaojing bronze tripod, which is now stored at Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, in 1932 and all embossment metal railing for Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge in 1966. Big Buddha in Hongkong constructed by it in 1985 initiated the modern large art casting engineering in China and promoted development of industrialization for artistic casting in China. Wuxi Jiulong Fountain constructed by the company in 2003 initiated large dynamic sculpture engineering in the world. Hongkong Avalokitesvara Statue constructed by it in 2009 initiated digital manufacturing technology of large artistic casting in China and promoted development of digital artistic casting in China. Golden Flask Project in Yanzhou, Shandong, constructed by it in 2013 initiated digital manufacturing technology of large artistic metal plate project in China. Wenshang Pagoda Project constructed by it in 2014 is the first large shaped bronze curtain wall project in China. Beijing Changping Tiamuqiu Project is the largest stainless steel mirror surface project in China. Over the past three decades, the company undertook giant’s sculpture, represented by Mao Zedong Bronze Statue, for the central Chinese government and relevant departments, the ever-blooming Bauhinia Sculpture in Hong Kong, Lotus Sculpture in Macau, bronze plaques for founding anniversary ceremony of autonomous regions of Guangxi, Ningxia, Tibet and Xinjiang, etc. successively, and constructed large landmark metal sculptures, including Wuxi Lingshan Buddha, Sanya Three-side Avalokitesvara in Hainan, Maitreya in Thailand, Maoshan Laozi Sculpture, Goldentop Samantabhadra Bodhisattva of Mount Emei, Bhutan Buddha, Maitreya of Xuedou Mountain, Banna Buddha, Weishan Thousand-hand Bodhisattva, Dunhua Liuding Mountain Buddha, Ganzi King Gesar, Yushu Buddha, Suzhou Xishan Bodhisattva, Yanzhou Golden Flask, Zhuhai Chime-long Whale Shark, Qufu Confucius Sculpture and Nanjing Niushoushan Bronze Tower, etc. one after another.

The company is devoted to construction of large artistic engineering, digital manufacturing of sculpture and artworks and development of cultural industry. It has qualification for installation of large bronze statue and specialized contracting qualification level II for steel structure awarded by the national construction department, a professional engineering management team composed of three constructors level I and more than ten constructors level II, digital manufacturing equipment including 3D printer, CNC machining equipment and laser cutter, etc. and large technical teams for digital engineering design, FEM calculation, BIM, ancient metal architecture, metal curtain wall, artistic decoration, digital model design of product, digital manufacturing and assembly of metal plate product, CNC model machining, digital casting, 3D printing mold, CNC machining casting, 3D printing model, crystal carving, polishing, assembly, welding, coating, logistics and robot application, etc., composed of nearly 20 masters and more than 30 bachelors in materials and molding, welding, surface treatment, structural design, construction and management, etc. The company is a president company of Jiangsu Foundry Association, a vice- president company of China Foundry Association, a rotating president unit of Art Foundry Division, China Foundry Association, a vice- president company of Asian Bronze Decoration Association and a vice- director company of China Aerospace 3D Printing Research Center.

In compliance with strategic requirements of Made in China 2025, the company carries out intelligent corporate construction vigorously. It has implemented the management informationization of OA, PDM, HR, CRM and ERP, etc., and it’s implementing MES system, digital corporate construction based on three-dimensional mould and vigorously developing robot application. The company will construct itself into a global first-rate and domestic leading artistic engineering enterprise with cultural industry as the development concept, intelligent manufacturing as measures and artistic engineering design and contracting as the traction.