Expansion Joints

Aerosun--Tola has supplied high quality metal bellows expansion joints to industry for more than 30 years. The Aerosun-Tola name is recognized around the world as the leader for innovative technical solutions and highly reliable products. Aerosun-Tola expansion joints are used in a wide variety of piping applications to compensate for thermal pipe expansion or contraction, and to absorb equipment vibration or pipe motions. These products provide piping system flexibility under extreme operating conditions.

Aerosun--Tola manufactures single, multiply, and two-ply testable bellows in sizes from 1-1/2 inch to over 40 feet in diameter using precision forming technology. Bellows materials utilized include 300 series stainless steels, high nickel alloy, titanium, aluminum and many others for extreme pressure, temperature and corrosive conditions.Aerosun--Tola is a sole expansion joint manufacturer in China certified with EJMA member, ISO9001, ASME U stamp, design and manufacture license of special equipment (pressure piping), design and manufacture license of civil nuclear security equipment (expansion joints). 

Expansion joints supplied by Aerosun have been widely used in the aerospace, power (thermal power, nuclear power, hydropower, thermoelectric, etc.), iron and steel, metallurgy, oil refinery, oil storage & transportation, chemical industry (ethylene, styrene, polyethylene/propylene, PTA, sulfuric acid, alkali, fertilizers, etc.), cement, district heat supply, buildings, food, light industry, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries. 

Aerosun--Tola all the time strives to supply quality expansion joints and flexible solutions to meet various customers' demands.Aerosun--Tola expansion joint business is focused on providing engineering excellence, responsive and timely deliverables, and dedication to customer success and satisfaction.


  • Special pressure balanced expansion joint for coal chemical device patent certificate

  • Low flow resistance,compact configuration,balanced expansion joints patent certifiacte

  • Reducing nozzle insulation expansion joint patent certificate

  • High temperature floating ring angle compensator patent certificate

  • High pressure cicilating air pipeline alarm compensator patent certificate

  • The compensator structure of flue gas turbineoutlet patent certificate

  • External pull & high pressure & anti build-up pressure balance transverse compensator patent certificate

  • Simultaneous absorb axial and angular high temperature compensator patent certificate

  • Articulated expansion joint patent certificate

  • External cold water,inner insulation high temperature & high pressure expansion joint patent certificate

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